The Management Team

Steve Politis - Business Development and Client relations

Steve Politis

Steve started out working with his father at a young age of 12, during his summer breaks from school, as an apprentice. Years later after finishing a trade school for design, Steve decided it was time to venture out on his own by creating Olympia painting and woodworking firm. Working alongside with exceptional craftsman his talents were sought out by some of the areas top custom home builders and interior decorators. Opportunity knocked once again when Steve was approached by a builder to relocate to Charlotte in 1999, not one to shy away from a challenge he did just that. 

The Beginning


Both Steve and Piotr met on a job site in New Jersey back in 1996. It wasn't long after they both discussed started a new venture together after Steve had decided to explore new opportunities and relocate to the queen city.  


The rest is history

Piotr Zukowski - Builder


Piotr worked as a construction manager for the Wilf Companies, one of the largest privately held land developer in NJ.

Piotr worked his way up the company ladder by proving his construction skills, talents, attention to detail and basic common sense in both the residential and commercial spectrum. 

Like most leaders and after 21 yrs with Wilf properties Piotr decided to join Steve in 2005 by relocating to Charlotte.